John Lennon: Give piece a change.  Huge emotional impact was evoked from the art walk crowd as they realized each  bullet cassing represented 10 others who have died before their time. I have used  hard mixed media for hard subject matter that is hard to face.
  David S. Palmer, a contemporary artist, born in Knox Indiana, in the year 1953. Studied fine art
at Ball State University. In 1976 Palmer moved to Laguna Bch Calif. where his friends would say he lived the life of a true underground artist. His creations are a testimony to the fact that he is also a talented and seasoned artist that has an extremely cutting edge perspective.
    The pieces created in this series consist of mixed media, contemporary in appearance and is as much a  sculpture as it is a painting.  It is three dimensional. His present work embraces a topic that is as old as the dawning of man. 
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